Monday, June 16, 2008

Alligator Snapping Turtle

The alligator snapping turtle one of the biggest freshwater turtles in the world reaching weights over 300lb's. This giant was right around 60lb's. With its thick shell, beaked nose, worm like lure (located inside its mouth), and powerful leg muscles the snapping turtle is one animal not to be taken lightly. It hunts by sitting motionless on the bottom of creeks, lakes, swamps, rivers , and bayous with its mouth wide open dangling its worm like tongue waiting for a fish to swim by. Once the fish is in range it snaps its beak like snot down with great force and devours its prey. This turtle was accidently caught by my little brother while he was fishing in a lake by our house. He was using live perch as bait when he felt a huge hit. At first, when he reeled in, he thought he was caught on a log, but to his surprise this turtle came out the water, and him and his buddy grabed it! The best way to catch this animal is by grabing it by the tail. STAY CLEAR OF THE MOUTH, with jaws capable of snapping a thick branch in half you don't want to mess around with this terrapin. Also don't forget the alligator snapping turtle has an extraordinary capability of striking out far ranges with its long neck. I personaly suggest, unless your experienced, not to mess around with the alligator snapping turtle. If you do encounter one it truely is an amazing site, a creature so prehistoric in nature and so well evolved for survival.

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