Monday, June 9, 2008

Mud Snake Capture

Species: Farancia abacura
Date: 5/23/08
Time: 2:05 p.m
Temp: 83 F
UV Index: 5 moderate
Humidity: 76%
Sky: mostly cloudy

I found this snake in Mandeville, Louisiana. This was the first mud snake I've ever seen and it was an exciting capture. It had rained hard on and off all day, and I was searching on the side of a canal. I just caught a glimpse of his tail and me and my buddy Ryan couldn't find him after that. Out of no where he swam into the canal and I jumped in after him. Just at 3 1/2 ft he was a beautiful snake. The black of his back glisened and he had a bright red pattern on his belly. Three things struck me about this snake one was that mud snakes have a little point to the end of there tail and they like to try and dig into you with it, but don't worry it can't brake the skin, second they put off a very nasty smell when handled at first, and third they really don't like to bite, they'll mimic like their going to but never actually do it. Hope you like the picture these are of me, my brother and his friend.

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